Sunday, October 11, 2009

My "Can Do" Horse!!

Now that summer has finally left and fall is upon us, I have thought about all that we accomplished over this 2009 horse season and I am pleased. I had some lofty goals this year for my boy and we attained a few of them. Western riding is not my forte, so learning to ride in reining was something new for me. Taking a 1st in a novice reining class was even more exciting. Not only was the ride exhilarating, but Casper knew more than I did and was much more eager to do the pattern. The training he got in the early spring really showed in his canter and his leads, he was just stronger and it was easier for him to do. So the two of us came out of that arena pumped up!

The Extreme Trail competitions were just plain fun! Our first ride was a good go, 18 obstacles and I forgot one of them. Casper did everything with good precision, enthusiasm and some speed. We did not place in the top 6, but we did place in the top 10 out of 20+ riders. So I was happy with it and we went on in June to our second Extreme Trail competition. This one was more of a race and believe me, they come by you pretty darn fast! I wasn't too sure of this, but we gave it our best and ended up taking home a 2nd Place in the Novice Division. He did everything I asked of him and even gave me some speed. There were some very strange obstacles too! I opted out of one obstacle, because climbing and heights are not my forte!

We also had a good go at the local fair on their nice Trail, taking home a 2nd out of 19 entries. It was fun to compete with our locals!

The CTR did not happen, just not enough time to condition him. There is time, we are not ancient yet!

And we are driving now. That has been such a great experience for us both. I am looking forward to many more drives this year before our snow sets in. I have visions of a one horse open sleigh!

I also am pleased with how many new friends we have made this year due to curiousity. I am always happy to talk horses and Appaloosas are my favorite, so when someone inquires about my spotted ponies, you know, we just get to talking and before you know it, we are exchanging email addresses!

So all in all, not a bad summer. A few pitfalls here and there, but nothing we didn't overcome. And it is back to Dressage training for my herd, the western discipline is good and there are parts of it that are even exciting.

It is great to know my Appaloosas can perform willingly and happily in anything we enter. Next year we will come out of the chute smokin'!!!