Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow on the ground....Sleigh rides anyone???

We got 4 inches of snow this last weekend. Our first for the season. While snow is normally a very welcome sight for us here at Formula One Farms, after the last two winters of 8 and 10 foot snow totals...we are a bit hesitant about getting dumped on.

The icicles are formed, the usual slippery spots returned and the horses found their stalls quite comfy with straw to bed in, their own private stash of hay, grain and a cool bucket of water...heaven for them, lots of work for us! Hahaha! But it is so very worth it!

Training is still in process. It will always be so here. But winter provides some interesting challenges, to say the least. The harness/cart training has been progressing quite nicely. I am finally in the drivers seat of a very nice training cart that is a perfect fit for Casper. He is a sponge, in every sense of the word! He really loves to work and the cart training has been very fun for him.

So, now with the muddy, snowy and icy ground, I have taken the cart training to Highland Hills. We worked in the indoor arena yesterday. It was hard work for Casper, the footing is sand, packed and wet. He dug in pretty good, stuck his shoulder into the breast strap and heaved us along! From my vantage point, I could see it was hard work for him. He never once complained or faltered. He is a working fool. I have not yet given up on my lead line yet. I have faith Casper will be fine, I am just not that confident yet on my ability to drive us safely. Mike was my lead line person and is almost non-existent as such. He leaves the line droopy and stands back where Casper can't see him with the blinkers on. So, progress is being made and soon, we will be outside of the indoor, driving circles around the facility.

Here is a photo of a cutter sleigh, just like the one Casper and I will be driving this winter....

only mine is cuter!! HA!

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! (a little at a time please!)

Stay tuned for more updates on our fun in the winter! Hoping the hubby will join me for a ride with sleigh bells and hot totties, wrapped up in warm blankets while we watch that cute white butt travel along!!!