Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For those who are gutless


It seems maybe some have taken offense. Was it something I said? What was it that you could not stomach???

I have found a (unbeknownst to me) blogger, who is gutless, won't sign their name and deletes my comments asking who they are and why they post crap!

Anywho, if anyone has a clue as to who this gutless wonder is, feel free to post it here. I do not delete visitors posts/comments, unlike the owner/creator of that moronic blog.

Maybe I could get a clue as to why they are so upset, if they weren't so afraid of someone knowing who you are! And why be anonymous?

Anyway, yes, it has been a long while since I posted. I worked all winter and had horses out for training. Busy, busy, busy! Been competing too.

For all you out there in horseyland who don't have something to hide, my hat is off to you!

Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
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