Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ahhhhhh...........Trail Riding with Friends

This summer has been full of ups and downs........but through all of the triumphs and pitfalls, there was one saving grace, Trail Riding. Why is Trail Riding so therapeutic? Who knows, maybe it is the scenery, maybe it is the camaraderie, maybe it is the challenge or it could just be the serenity. Whatever it is that makes Trail Riding so anticipated each and every week, I am grateful to it. Trail Riding has taken my mind off of worrisome thoughts, given my horses a break from training, allows us to catch up with each other, provides us with moments of freedom to really ride and keeps the horses learning.

I'm not talking about slow, one after another - nose to tail - humdrum, this is much more adventurous than that. We try to go to new a new place each week, sometimes we find a place that is just plain perfect and we go back. Each new ride brings us to curious Deer trails with a "let's go this way!", or a beautiful meadow of flowers that you just want to lay down in, or a steep hill climb that might get you to the top quicker.

As summer comes to a close, we are dreading the long wait for Spring - as mountains are slow to give up their snow covered paths. We will ride the mountains until our ponies can plow through the snow no more and then we will wait..........and wait...........and ride in circles close to home and wait some more. Spring will get here, it always does and it is always wonderful and magical to take on that first mountain that is still hiding snow drifts for us to play in.

Trail Riding is also full of Therapy............good honest mental therapy. Sometimes we talk non-stop, sometimes we are quiet and just ride. Sometimes, we solve the worlds problems, truly! And sometimes we realize we really are just another cog in the wheel. However our moods are when we leave the trailer, we are always elated and tired when we return, satisfied with life as it is.

next blog.............Learning the Harness Thing

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kkstoop said...

Hey friend! Nice photo! Has that lady ever heard of stirrups? Ha!
Seriously some of my best memories of this summer were on the trail with friends. True friends, a tresure that has no price. Love ya Babe!