Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Horse that didn't Fit

On October 3, 2001, I was having lunch at the Hacienda restaurant in Loomis, CA with an influential TB breeder. We were laughing and discussing her mare, Sierra, who was due to foal at any time. Why would she have a mare due in October?? Well that was why we were laughing. You see, it was a test breeding. The mare had not cycled for several months the year before and this breeder wanted to give her up and coming Hanoverian stallion some breeding training. So Sierra was used as a test mare. Well, Speedy (the stallion) did very well on his test took!

Most of our conversation was based around trying to get her to remember the dates she bred them. She couldn't remember the exact days, only that it was late October or early November. We had a few margaritas and headed back to her farm. On the way I told her that there would most definitely be a foal waiting for us. She laughed me off and we joked around some more. We pulled into the driveway and she went to the house to check the phone and I meandered back to the lower pasture.

I was right! Standing there next to Sierra was a tall, red filly. She walked right up to me and put her tiny little head into the crook of my arm. I was in love! She was dry and had already nursed. She was gorgeous!

Once again, I became enthralled with another foal. I am a sucker for foals. I visited her everyday I could. She was one easy baby, no sass, no fuss, just friendly and healthy.

As life would have it, things happen and things change. November of 2001 was a bad time for me. I lost my father to an auto accident. It changed my life tremendously. I no longer cared for staying in California anymore. The decision to move to our property was made and changes for our future were set in motion. I arrived in Spokane right around Christmas and winter was mild. Fresh cold air, planning and organizing and family helped me get over a very tragic time. The new year came and with it new plans and ideas for the property.

Hubby called me one day in late January to tell me he bought me something and I was supposed to guess what it was. Well, I can tell you I didn't guess right. He bought that filly for me. Yep, that tall red filly was now mine. What was I ever gonna' do with a Hanoverian/QH cross in an Appaloosa breeding program??? Gotta' love husbands, they always mean well!

Classy, as she is known and acts, grew up to become a very beautiful, QH type dishy headed, big boned, big bodied riding horse! And yes, she has talent. I raised her like I would any of our foals. She went undersaddle at 3 and I showed her. She is what some trainers would call a 4th Level horse. Dressage was to be her destiny and I sold her at 6 years old to the nicest lady and they both compete in Dressage to this day. Very happy ending for a horse who didn't fit!

Classy and I had many adventures of our own on the trail and in the arena. She was a wonderful ride, truly she was. But my heart belongs to the Appaloosa and Classy could never truly belong. I see her now and then. Her owner loves her and she is a sweetheart in the barn where she resides.

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