Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sales are hard on a Breeder

When your goal is to "sell" horses that you bred, you really must be tough. You have to have some thick skin. Emotional outbursts are NOT acceptable. Being proud of your product is good. Getting the opportunity to enjoin in a sale is rare. At F1F, we do not produce very many horses. In 10 years we have produced 5 horses from our breeding program. The first F1F product to sell was our little Jewel at 5 years old.

She was all sport horse! Not more than 15.1 hh, this filly had heart and talent! She did not want to be a Dressage horse, she wanted to jump and man could she jump! She just had the power and the speed! I have a video of her somewhere where she clearly jumps over 5 feet. She was amazing. To top it off she was smart and sweet natured. Always the first to run to people in the paddock. Always stuck her head out of the stall first thing in the morning to greet you! She would hug you if she could. Yes, she was a darling and she got a great owner.

It wasn't what you would call the perfect sale. It was an internet contact and that in itself is cause for alarm. I was overly cautious and so was the buyer. We had email conversations for over two months. Was I suspicious? Of course. Was she wary? Absolutely! It was very much like fencing. She gave me information about her and I gave her information about me. We both took time to research each other. We both had references. We both were apprehensive.

But after a time, we came to know each other. I called her on the phone and she would call me too. The sale of Jewel became finalized and a transport was scheduled.

Now, not everyone sells a horse to a buyer across the country, but this sale was across an ocean. Jewel was going to Puerto Rico and in the dead of winter! I was very concerned, as was her new owner.

The day came when the transport arrived. The whole morning I kept busy. That is how I deal with things I don't like. I get busy. I clean. I pick up. I organize. I go back over what I just did. I was sad and elated at the same time. My baby horse was going to get a proper show home, but so very far away. Then I heard the truck, it was at the driveway. It was a huge giant monster ready to swallow up my little Jewel and I would never see her again........oh my, such terrible thoughts! This is what you bred her for stupid!!

I walked to the end of the driveway and met the haulers..........what awesome people they were! They showed me the full stall Jewel would get and the whole rig was immaculate from top to bottom. OK, I guess it was time to go get her. Kay, one of the owners walked with me to get Jewel. We both chatted all the while I haltered Jewel and walked her to the trailer. She loaded up the ramp like the perfect lady she was. Thank yous were exchanged and off they went.........

That is when it hit me. I cried and I cried and I cried some more. All that time, effort and love just hopped into a trailer and left me. Oh it was awful. The emotion we put into these animals is enough to fill an ocean!

Jewel says "goodbye"

As a breeder and seller of horses...BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY........balderdash! I felt as though I had just sent my child off to war. Oh did it ever hurt. No it did not go away. I spent the next several weeks on pins and needles. Did she make it to Florida yet? I know Kay was totally tired of hearing from me. Then Jewel had to load onto a plane and fly to the island. Oh, that was scary for her and I wasn't even there! This is a filly I held tight to me in the middle of a Thunderstorm because the thunder scared her. Soaking wet and shaking all over, she relaxed in the comfort of her human.

Jewel arrived in Puerto Rico like the trooper she was. Popped out of her transport crate with a whinny and onto the trailer for her new home.

This stuff is hard. You breed them, you birth them, you raise them and train them and off they go. Sounds like motherhood, eh?

Jewel has a wonderful life in a nice barn with a sweet 13 year old boy as her rider. He calls her Graffiti.

I don't think I will ever get any better at this. I love my babies very much!

next blog...........The Horse that didn't fit

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